A Moment

Last weekend I was cycling with a friend in Diemen Park. We saw three
boys playing with a ball on a bridge. They were having a really nice time
until the ball went over the bridge and landed in a grassy field. There was
water in the field too.
Who was going to fetch the ball?
It took them 15 minutes to decide. One of the boys went to fetch it. After
a few minutes he appeared in a grassy field under the bridge. At first we
could not find the ball. We all looked for it.
Five boys discussing where a ball could be. Five who couldn’t see.
But we did eventually find the ball. The boy was reluctant to get it because
it was in the water and we could not see how deep it was. I told the boy how
he could get the ball: “Try to jump, no, you should walk around the water,
it’s safer over there. Maybe the best way to get there is to just walk through
the water.” He still had doubts. I explained the choice he faced: lose the ball
or take a risk and maybe get it back.
Finally he went and fetched it.


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